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Sid Gerber, President

Sid Gerber, President
Sid Gerber, President

In 1989, Sid Gerber, the founder of S. Gerber & Associates, Inc., pursued his compassion for the elderly by completing his geriatric and long-term care administration education and internship requirements from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston to become a licensed nursing home administrator while obtaining his masters in business administration from the University of Houston. After completing his education, he began his eight-year tenure as a licensed nursing facility administrator, responsible for managing the delivery of quality care to hundreds of residents in three different skilled nursing facilities. Through his leadership, he successfully led hundreds of trained long-term caregivers and skilled professionals to the ultimate goal of maintaining a quality of life and care for his residents.

Mr. Gerber's success was due in large part to his ability to surround himself with equally committed and compassionate caregivers and professionals whose focus was on providing a meaningful life of dignity and respect for the residents.

In 2000, Mr. Gerber left long-term care administration and established his own long-term care services company, S. Gerber & Associates, Inc., to consult with family members and adult children in making difficult long-term care decisions and prepare them for their long term health care needs.

Sid Gerber has had eight years of experience developing realistic care plans with input from family members, and monitoring the quality of care being delivered to residents in the facilities he managed. The three zero deficiency surveys or inspections by the regulatory agencies received in facilities that he managed is the strongest evidence that Mr. Gerber has maintained consistent quality of care. Therefore, there are few people better equipped to insure that the promises and claims for quality of care and life by today's health care providers are realistic and are being consistently delivered!